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  • Secretaire.

    Secretaire. – Louis XVI period.
    2600€ Ref. 261080
    In mahogany and lemon tree. Excellent condition. Usual restorations. H. 143 cm, W. 105 cm, D. 42,5 cm.

  • Corner cupboard with crossbow front face.

    Corner cupboard with crossbow front face. – Regency period.
    4800€ Ref. 240182
    Amaranth veneer. Good general condition. Restored marble. Few damages and missing parts.

  • Apothecary piece of furniture.

    Apothecary piece of furniture. – Early XIXth century.
    8000€ Ref. 204153
    In walnut. Very good condition. Backs added. H. 250 cm, W. 210 cm, D. 44 cm.

  • Sponge box.

    Sponge box. – XVIIIth century period, 1740-1750.
    5000€ Ref. 199244
    In silver and coloured crystalline glass. China. Weight : 350 g. No stamps. Very good condition. Few missing parts restored and weldings. H. 19 cm, diam.17 cm (display).

  • Very big Louis XV wall clock.

    Very big Louis XV wall clock. – XVIIIth century period.
    13800€ Ref. 280074
    In vernis Martin and gilt bronzes. Very good condition, mechanism and box entirely restored. Total H.: 155 cm, W. 62 cm, D. 28 cm.

  • Secretary desk said

    Secretary desk said "dos d'âne". – XVIIIth century period.
    14400€ Ref. 251055
    In satin-like veneer. Marked F.F. on several crosspieces. Very good condition. Usual restorations. H. 101 cm, W. 117 cm, D. 59/90 cm.

  • Beautiful ring.

    Beautiful ring. – Period: 1920-1930.
    1980€ Ref. 280C15
    In grey gold, set with a 0.15ct diamond, surrounded with small diamonds and sapphires - size 53 - 3.1 g.

  • The four continents.

    The four continents. – Louis XVI period.
    11500€ Ref. 281040
    Bronze and marble sculptures. Excellent condition of origin. H. 27 cm, diam. 10 cm.

  • Louis XVI clock.

    Louis XVI clock. – XVIIIth century period.
    5200€ Ref. 278020
    In gilt bronze, dial signed by CLAUSARD in Chaumont. Very good condition. H. 32.5 cm, W. 32 cm, D.

  • Brooch.

    Brooch. – XIXth century period.
    3100€ Ref. 231C05
    In gold and silver, featuring a flower bouquet. The pistils of the tulip are set with 5 diamonds of 0.08 cts and the other parts of the brooch with numerous diamonds of different sizes, cut in rose - 24,2 g.

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Antique periods and styles: timeline

This timeline enables you to identify the styles of different French antique periods, from the XV to the XX century. The dates indicated refer to reigns or to main historic events, and show a transition between two clearly defined antique styles. However these should not be considered as strict limits: in fact, numerous styles will last about ten years after their “official” end date. This is due to craftsmen’s habits and customers’ preferences: many continued to order older styles to complete the decoration of their home in keeping with existing furniture.

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