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  • Fire screen.

    Fire screen.
    3100€ Ref. 216027
    In gilt wood and tapestry. Tapestry of the XVIIIth century period, presented on a screen in carved and gilt wood of the XIXth century. Good condition. H. 78 cm, W. 116 cm.

  • Cabinet Bargueno.

    Cabinet Bargueno. – XVIIth century period.
    4800€ Ref. 257153
    In walnut and inlaid with box. Spain. Good condition of origin. Few missing parts. H. 50 cm, W. 88 cm, D.39 cm.

  • DELATTE in Nancy.

    DELATTE in Nancy. – Vase decorated with magnolias.
    1800€ Ref. 285138
    In pâte de verre. Period 1925. Multilayer glass engraved with acid. Signed "ADelatte Nancy". H. 32, diam. 23.

  • Pearl chocker necklace.

    Pearl chocker necklace.
    1430€ Ref. 272C02
    78 pearls of 6 mm, very nice Orient, gadroon pawl clasp - 6 mm - 34 g.

  • Pierre FALCONET (worked between 1738 and 1750).

    Pierre FALCONET (worked between 1738 and 1750). – Louis XV sofa.
    6300€ Ref. 277012
    In carved beech. XVIIIth century period. Excellent condition. H. 96 cm, W. 139 cm, D. 74 cm.

  • Ring.

    1100€ Ref. 258C19
    In yellow gold set on grey gold with 60 diamonds for a total of 1.20 ct - size 55 - 6.7 g.

  • Bangle ring.

    Bangle ring.
    990€ Ref. 258C12
    In yellow gold set with three diamonds (two of 0.10 ct at each end and one of 0.20 ct in the middle) and 2 blue Ceylon sapphires - size 54 - 7.8 g.

  • Nice creation.

    Nice creation.
    1700€ Ref. 257C06
    In yellow gold embellished with a cultured pearl of 8mm, two emeralds and two diamonds set on grey gold bezel - size 54 - 13 g.

  • Dutch cabinet.

    Dutch cabinet. – XVIIth century period.
    6000€ Ref. 265140
    In yew and ebony. Good condition. Lower part fit out to hold a television set. H. 182 cm, W. 120 cm, D. 51 cm.

  • Andréa della VERROCCHIO (1435-1488).

    Andréa della VERROCCHIO (1435-1488). – Equestrian portrait of the Condottiere Bartoloméo COLLEONI.
    9800€ Ref. 220163
    Bronze with two patina, brown and gold. Cast iron from end XIXth century. Excellent condition. H. 63 cm, L. 54 cm, D. 29 cm.

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Antique periods and styles: timeline

This timeline enables you to identify the styles of different French antique periods, from the XV to the XX century. The dates indicated refer to reigns or to main historic events, and show a transition between two clearly defined antique styles. However these should not be considered as strict limits: in fact, numerous styles will last about ten years after their “official” end date. This is due to craftsmen’s habits and customers’ preferences: many continued to order older styles to complete the decoration of their home in keeping with existing furniture.

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