Antique dealer: specialized in ancient silverware

Buying ancient silverware from an antique dealer: few tips to identify and be sure of the authenticity of this art object.

The success of ancient silverware

Ancient silverware is a solid value for an antique dealer. Solid silver or silver plated metal have been used to create cutlery, dishes or objects for the table. Until the beginning of the XIXth century, solid silver is the favourite material but it will be replaced by silver plated metal that is less expensive for the middle-class. Canteens of cutlery, that allow to combine the pleasant to the useful, are composed of many pieces: from 36 for the more modest to over 300 pieces. Dishes, tumblers, eggs cups or baskets are also highly prized by lovers.

All the knowledge of your antique dealer

Thanks to specialized books, an antique dealer will help you to identify the different stamps present on ancient silverware. These stamps guarantee the quality of the metal, that is to say the purity of the alloy, but also give indications on its place of manufacture and on the master silversmith who has made it. It is also necessary to verify that the ancient silverware does not have been modified: addition of a chiselled decoration, grafting of a stamp or a too clear stamp can be signs of falsification.

An essential antique dealer

In the field of antique and art, Antiquités Catalogue is indisputably a reference. For over thirty years, we have been working for offering our customers art objects of high quality. The reason is because the description of each piece is performed by an assessor. Our selection committee then controls its authenticity before presenting the ancient silverware online for sale. All this leads to offer you a reliable purchasing. Discover our large selection of antiques. If you have questions, we are at your disposal by email or phone at n.04 73 71 88 01.

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