Antique dealer: specialized in Louis XV mirror

Buying a Louis XV mirror from an antique dealer: few tips to identify and be sure of the authenticity of this art object.

The timeless Louis XV mirror

The Louis XV mirror is still a great piece to discover by an antique dealer’s. Timeless and very refined, this antique piece is composed of a mirror, that is to say a pane of glass covered by an alloy of tin and mercury, and by a frame in gilt and carved wood. With very variable dimensions, the Louis XV mirror is usually rectangular and topped by a pediment. Depending on the models of Louis XV mirror, they can be pierced or completed by parcloses. The decoration shows a rococo style and the designs of Louis XV furniture: leaves, garlands of flowers, shells… The pier glasses, mirrors made to be integrated to a wooden element, are topped by an oil on canvas.

The elements your antique dealer must control

The richness of the carved decoration and the size of a Louis XV mirror are the main elements to control by an antique dealer. The authenticity of the mirror of this antique piece, that often presents silvering flaws (not a problem because it is an ancient piece), also provides a better value. Then, a gilding of origin, that is cracked and patinated, is a good choice.

The importance of choosing a renowned antique dealer

Buying an antique piece is a good idea but not from anyone. You should contact an antique dealer with a solid experience. An experienced professional who gives you all the guarantees you need. And even a double guarantee. It is what Antiquités Catalogue proposes to you thanks to its thirty years of existence. The description of the Louis XV mirror you covet has been performed by an assessor before our selection committee verifies its quality and authenticity. We can just say that the purchasing of your art object will be a success.

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