Honoré DAUMIER (1808-1879).



(Référence : 251119)


Bronze of the serie "buste-charges" of the "célébrités du juste milieu".

Original edition in bronze realized between 1929 and 1953. Perfect condition. H. 23 cm, W. 13 cm, D. 9 cm.

Rare bronze, from the famous caricature realized between 1832 and 1835: Honoré Daumier, then realizes busts in coloured mudbrick (36 of which are present in the musée d'Orsay in Paris)caricaturing the famous political leaders of the beginning of the July Monarchy. These "buste-charges" of the "célébrités du juste milieu" (1832-1835) have been ordered to Daumier by Charles Philipon in order to expose them in the window of the paper "La Caricature". In 1927, Maurice Le Garrec directly buys to Philipon's grand-son the coloured mudbricks and wanted to have them edited in bronze. The melting had been entrusted to the firm Barbedienne, who realized twenty-five copies for twenty-six characters and thirty copies for the ten others. These bronzes have been melt afterwards, and as sooon as they were ordered, between 1929 and 1953.