Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find the answers to the questions that our customers ask most frequently, especially regarding reservation, delivery and purchase conditions, or guarantees offered by our company.
If you have a question not mentioned in our FAQ, especially regarding additional information about antiques offered on our site, please contact us via the form that you will find on each page of our site.

Purchasing antiques

I am interested in a piece I have seen on your site, can I contact the seller directly?

Our site is not intended for putting buyers and sellers in direct touch. Indeed, our role as an intermediary and broker binds us to total confidentiality in respect of the seller, by offering the buyer the guarantee of buying pieces via a professional dealer in the art market, with all the related guarantees, especially regarding authenticity.

I am interested in a piece I have seen on your site. Is it possible to have some time to think before confirming my purchase?

If you are interested in a piece, but need some time to think about it, to check the size of the place where you propose to put the item or to discuss the purchase with your spouse, we can offer you a two-day option, which can be extended if necessary, subject to agreement with our head office and provided that there is no confirmed reservation by another buyer.

I am interested in a piece I have seen on your site. Is it possible to make an offer?

The price of the pieces on our site always reflects the market value, and our margins are intentionally reduced in order to ensure our prices are always as competitive as possible. This deliberate decision requires us to work within a strict framework and we are thus unable to negotiate the price of the pieces of furniture, objets d’art, antique paintings, antique jewels and other items offered on

I am interested in a piece of furniture on your site. Is it possible to send me more photos?

You can get detailed photos for most of our pieces. However, in some cases sending these photos may take a little additional time.

I am interested in a piece on your site. How can I get more information and find out if it is still available for sale?

You can contact our head office by phone or fill out and send the dedicated form.

The site is updated every day. All the items shown should therefore be available for sale. However, some of them may have been reserved, pending confirmation of purchase. Do not hesitate to make enquiries, indicating the reference number of the piece: this will allow us to answer more quickly.

I am interested in an antique ring shown on your site and I would like to know its size?

If the size is not indicated, please do not hesitate to contact us. Rings can usually be enlarged or reduced by 4 or 5 sizes, except for wedding rings which are set with jewels all the way round.

I would like to buy a piece I have seen on your site. How can I organise delivery?

The price of the items presented on our site does not include shipping or delivery costs, or customs clearance costs. In case of pieces whose size and strength enable us to send them by post, we use a registered parcel service, with insurance. More voluminous or fragile pieces are packed in a suitable wooden box, and sent by a carrier. They are insured for the real value of the object, and sent for a fixed price, unless particular delivery conditions apply (see our General Terms and Conditions in our Purchase Area / How to buy).
In case of voluminous or fragile pieces of furniture, the delivery will be made by a carrier, following the buyer’s approval of a quotation for price and and delivery time.


What guarantees do you offer in respect of the authenticity of the pieces you show?

The pieces presented on the site are all assessed and described by one of our valuers. The specifications of a piece presented in our site are then strictly guaranteed, in terms of authenticity, quality or general condition. In case of mistake or effective omission in the specifications of a piece, this one will be totally reimbursed to the buyer.

Using the site

How should I use the search engine? If I search for a centre light, the results display centre lights, but also other pieces of furniture and items that do not match my search.

The search engine we use allows to perform searches by categories (ex: art and furniture objects), sub-categories (ex : lights), styles (ex : Regency, Louis XV), and even to indicate one or several keywords (ex : centre light).
In order to perform a keyword search, you should first select the categories and (if applicable) sub-categories and styles that are relevant to your search, because we have opted for a search based on keywords anywhere in the text, or even present in a part of a word. This choice enables searches for keywords written in the singular, with no need to specify plural forms.
Therefore, searching on the keyword “centre light” without indicating any associated words or category, sub-category or style, will display a centre light, but also any item or piece of furniture with “light” in its name.
To conclude, while it is possible, for example in the case of a painter or a cabinetmaker, to use the keyword search without indicating any categories, sub-categories or styles, specifying these can be useful  when more generic  keywords , such as the name of object or a piece of furniture, are used.

What is the purpose of the reference in the search engine?

Each piece has its own reference (ref. xxxxxx). If you know the reference of the piece you are looking for (reference noted from the print catalogue or during a previous visit to our site), you can then find it easily by entering its reference into the search engine.